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Today we went swimming and got soaked as it was poring down! And then got wet in the pool too, we spent ages in the water much longer than I have before and I didn’t even have my wet suit on. I met a boy called Isaac and showed him how to splash, I like splashing in the water. We got wet again on the way home too. This morning i had more baby rice and apple and I finished the whole bowl, mummy was very happy.

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Mummy is happy cause my new nappy wrappers have arrived that she sent for from ebay, now i have babies in space wrappers for my re-usable nappies. We had a walk to tesco today to buy some apples and pears to make some baby food out of. Today i had some of the apple mixed into m baby rice, wow it was nice!

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Today I am 5 moths old exactly and it’s nanys birthday and we all went to the greensides for a meal, click here for some pictures daddy took. We got her a moon pig card with me on the front of it, she really liked it! Mummy and daddy took me to get weighed and i weigh 16lb 1oz! Wozerz, i missed out 15lb’s altogether! This morning i had some apple instead of my baby rice and really liked it, I think I’m going to be a fan of this food stuff!

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Today daddy left us and went to the Imax to see the new Batman film. I was asleep when he got home so I woke up at 4am to let him tell me all about it, he didn’t really seem in a mood to talk much though. Mummy gave me some more of that baby rice, I’m starting to like it a bit more.

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Today mummy gave me something called baby rice mixed with some milk, not sure i really liked it I shook my head and when she was not looking i spat it out! Daddy says its the only way to burger and chips, not sure what he means but ill give it another go tomorrow.

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What’s new this week. My laughing is coming on I do that quite a lot now and I’m getting quite good at standing up too but still don’t quite know how to walk. I’m really turning into a charmer all the Ladies love me. Mummy has taken loads of pictures of me whilst daddy has been at work he will have to get them uploaded for everyone to see.

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Today should have been mummy’s tribunal but it was canceled so we took a drive to the Lakes. We went to Windermere first with the intention of going on a boat but it was very busy, anyone would think it was the first day of the school holidays! So we had a walk around and a very nice ice cream which apparently i was not aloud any of but I’m quite sure it was just like my milk. Mummy and daddy wanted to go to lunch in a hotel they stayed in for their wedding anniversary but it had stopped serving food by the time we all got there, they were not happy.

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Another win for Lewis after not a bad race. Daddy is ill today with a bad tummy, I hope that never happens to me he even had to refuse food. We went shopping to Middlesbrough cause daddy wanted to see if they make a football shirt I’m my size but they don’t so he got me a hat ready for the new season! Mummy managed to go to another next although she didn’t buy anything!

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Mummy is very excited as today is something called the next sale, she wanted to get up at 5am to go and fight for bargains but daddy had other ideas! We did end up going to 2 different next shops but i have loads of cloths to last me for ages, nanny has been too so sounds like I’m all kitted out!

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Jabs day again today, 3 of them this time and i didn’t even bother flinching! I’m such a good boy. That’s me do with jabs till I’m over 1 year old, 8 months or almost 4 years time you decide!