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Mummys first driving lesson

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Today I made sure to get mummy and daddy up early for mummys driving lesson. It was her first lesson and she said she liked it but was not very good at corners and stopping, hmmm think you need them. I went shopping with daddy and grandad to Middlesbrough we got lots of Christmas presents for Matthew and Jessica. Next we went to pick up daddys car from the garage, he is happy  to have it back but not happy to have paid £97 for nothing. I have been a bit moany today mummy says its cause daddy didnt look after me when he took me out. I still went to bed at 7.15 thought.

Car fixed, well sort of

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Daddy is not very happy, the garage eventually told him that there was nothing wrong with his car after they plugged it into their machine and reset it but they are wanting £97 for nothing, humph. They have fixed a few other things on his car for free including a £700 manifold but he is still not happy. I was a good boy and slept through the night last night for the first time in ages but charlie woke mum and dad up in the middle of the night choking, daddy thought it was me and did a Rambo jump over mummy then Charlie collapsed in front of him, mummy and daddy were worried but Charlie was ok after a few gulps.

Broken down….

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Daddys car broke down this morning on the way to walking charlie, daddy had to call the rescue people to come and take the car to the garage to be fixed. Grandad has let us have his car so we still got to go shopping and daddy can go to work on Monday.

Oh what a mess!

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This morning the men came to fix the damp patch on the wall in the living room, mummy was not happy because they made a right mess and didnt cover anything over excpet daddys TV. I got shipped off to Nanna and grandads out of the way so mummy could have a good clean up. Im still not letting mummy and daddy sleep at night daddy got mummy some lovelly flowers delivered to show her how much we lover her for looking after us, she really likes them, and us too!

8 month check

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Today the health visitor came to give me my 8 month check (even though I’m not quite 8 months yet). I think I must have passed the test cause they didn’t take me away. I now weigh 19lb 6oz, I am 72.5cm tall, and my head has grown from 34.5cm round to 45cm.

Mummys big mission

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Woo we have been very busy the last 2 days sorting out things as mummy has been on a mission but its fianlly finished. I cant say what it is as its a secret, shhhhh! They have both been moving the furniture round in the living room and putting the tv onto its new stand that he picked up last night, it looks really nice.


Quiet Sunday

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Not really done much today, daddy has been cleaning the rug with a carpet cleaner its made a real difference, later on in the day we went to nanny and grandads to clean their carpet too. After that we went to tesco for the Sunday afternoon bargains.

Who am I?

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My name is William James Denholm, I was born on the 29th February 2008 (leap year baby!) at 12.59pm in North Tees hospital, Stockton-on-Tees. I weighed 7lb 8.5oz (3.4kg) and measured 54cm long. I was delivered by student Midwife Charlotte Kirby and Midwife Carol Bennison. I had a “true knot” in my cord which the Midwife said was the first time she had seen one in over 20 years. My parents are Philip and Suzanne Denholm and I am their first baby.

New site goes live!

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Well after a little tinkering and some bad language Martin (the brains) and I finally got Williams new Blog up and working today. It should be easyer to keep up to date as other people can post on here and you guys stopping by can leave comments about what William has been up to (feedback people!) I still have to move lots of stuff accross from the old one and get some other bits working better but its 60% there and we have been updating sme of the things that we have all been up to since the end of September when work on the old page stopped. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds and add Williams blog to your igoogle home page! hope you like the new site let me know by pressing the comment button!

I have been crawling

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Well its official months without being able to do it and fianlly i can crawl!! Check me out