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Cabin fever

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Mummy said my fever had just about gone today but she was beginning to get cabin fever (oh no I hope mummy isn’t going to be poorly too) so we went for a walk to the park to feed the ducks. Guess what? There were lots of baby ducks. Mummy says baby ducks are called ducklings but I prefer ‘baba’ but then again I call most things baba!
I still have a bad cough and runny nose. It kept me and daddy awake most of the night again but mummy was so tired she mostly slept through. Good job she got some sleep because I’ve keeping her on her toes trying to find things I’m prepared to eat! Still no spots to report!

In quarentine….

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oh dear I am not very well at all today. Last night I was coughing loads and when mummy and daddy cam up to bed i was really really hot. Daddy took my temperature and it was 38.8 deg C! Non of us got much sleep every time I fell asleep and went back in my cot I started coughing again and woke up again.

Mummy even took me downstairs to watch some Thomas but I was not interested. Daddy ended up on the sofa with me cuddled in till he had to go to work, I was fast asleep so he put me back in my cot but yep you guessed it I woke mummy up coughing again. Daddy had to come home and look after me till the doctors opened so mummy could get some sleep.

There was lots of people in the doctors and there was notices up about measles. My temperature has come back down to 37 deg C and I had stopped coughing so much. The doctor seemed to think I don’t have it but that I should come back on Thursday to have my MMR jab just to make sure. Mummy and daddy think I have all the symptoms of measles, I hope I haven’t but to make sure daddy has placed me under quarantine.

Busy being a good boy

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It’s mummy’s birthday today and I have been left in charge of looking after her. I was very good this morning and stayed in bed until 7.40 because I know mummy likes to sleep. I gave mummy a nice card and some chocolates and helped her to open her others. When I saw my new climbing frame in the garden this morning I let mummy come and play with me. I’m getting a bit tired now so I might have to go for a nap soon but I’ve told mummy she can play with my slide, after all I’ve had a play with her new slippers!

Whilst I was sleeping

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Even though im fast asleep i have a big surprise waiting for me in the back garden….


More toys!

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I was rudely awoken from my nap today by a man knocking on the door, but all was forgiven because he had a giant box full of climbing frame! Mummy did her best to make it before we had to go to baby babble but she got stuck when there was a bit of plastic in the hole she needed to put a big red bit in! I’ve told daddy all about it and he said he will try to make it properly for me while I’m in bed so I can play tomorrow! I’m so excited I went to bed nice and early for mummy so there was nothing bad to report and make daddy change his mind. Nite nite everyone I’m off to dream of climbing frames and slides!!!

Home again

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We had to come home today but not before stopping off at the Metro Centre to get mummy some trousers she wanted for her birthday. I liked the sound of presents so took mummy and daddy to the Early Learning Centre and picked out a new toy my garden. We unpacked as soon as we got home and I had a great time recreating my own fountains in Denholm Garden!

ps. yes the grass does need cutting doesn’t it!

More holidays

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Can you belive I had to wait until half past 7 for my breakfast today!?! Well at least they had weetabix and I got my cup of milk… This morning we had a bit of a look around the town and then hopped in the car and went swimming. Daddy was very impressed that he got to go to the pool he had seen on the news with a moving floor. I didn’t even realise these pools have a floor, I’ve never stood on one. I was more impressed with my new arm bands that let me float without being held… so long as I remember to keep my head up!
After swimming we went looking for a nice pub to have some lunch, you wouldn’t think it would be so hard but mummy and daddy made a meal of it. When they finally stopped it was at an icecream factory! Oh well the icecream was pretty nice and I quite liked the cows too. They did manage to find a pub on the way back so I suppose I lived.
This afternoon we went for a proper look around the gardens again. I heard talk of cake later on so made sure I didn’t fall alseep on the long walk.


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Today we set off on mummy’s birthday weekend away to Alnwick. I’ve been there once before but I was in mummy’s tummy so I didn’t get to see much… We stopped at the fish quay so I could have my cheese sandwich and crackers and mummy and daddy had some fish and chips then we headed off to the hotel. I tested out mummy and daddy’s bed first and then we headed off to Alnwick garden. There was lots of squirty water everywhere and lots of room for a little to crawl around. After all that fresh air I was ready for my Italian daddy had promised me… but it was closed, oh no!!! We had to settle for heading back to the hotel and I had a stinky jar of baby food. boo.

It’s tiring being a big boy

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Wowzers Granny what a busy day it’s been! After breakfast Grandad came to collect me and mummy and took us to the doctors for my jabs. I was a very brave boy and only had a little moan mainly because mummy was holding me down. I only had 1 booster injection today and have to go back on the 20th May for another and my mmr. I helped mummy with a few jobs before baby babble and afterwards we went to the big boys shoe shop to get me some new shoes! The lady in the shop must have thought I was a top model because she took my photo in them! I walked all the way down our road home in them and thought they were so good I didn’t want to go indoors!

ps my big feet are now a size 5G!!! the lady said I had chunky feet – how rude!

“Egg”citing easter

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Happy Easter everyone! Today has been good so far I had a good long sleep again and let everyone have a lie in. When I got up there was lots of eggs, it was just like Christmas! Later on i decided it was time to have a little faith in my legs and take more than 2 steps on my own! Daddy thinks I’m a very cleaver boy. We are off to the park in a bit, maybe ill leave my wheels at home and walk.