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Latch key kid aged 18 months :-(

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Just a day away from my 17 month birthday, mummy and daddy have decided its time to farm me out… Starting in September I’ll be going to big boys nursery! Personally I think they should pay to have my wonderful company all day but mummy and daddy say as long everything goes to plan they will be paying for me to go here

I’m quite looking forward to it really after I’ve seen all their toys and good stuff they get to do all day, not to mention dining like a king, but I am bit worried now about how my little fish will cope without me while I’m gone. Who else is going to talk fishy to him and tap on his glass at regular intervals?


A lovely summer’s day at the beach

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Seeing as it was such a lovely day mummy said we could go to the beach – funnily enough it wasn’t very busy! I found some good shells and rocks though and brought home plenty of sand in my wellies to play with later. No wonder it was getting hard to walk on the way back!

my new fish tank

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Mummy mentioned in passing that maybe we should get a fish tank next thing we know we are all off to the pet shop with daddy dragging us along! I got a bit distracted as they had a lot of animals to look at on the way to the fish, we ended up driving all over looking at fish tanks but then back to the first place again.

Mummy has done a really good job of making it look like a beach, but im not sure the fish will be to happy there is a crocodile on the beach!

peep peep!

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Check out my new welly boots! They have Thomas on them, daddy says I can go sploshing in puddles now (YEY) but I cant find any, hmmm oh well just have to try and make some whilst they are not looking.

Back with all my toys

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We finally made it home this afternoon, all my toys are still here although there seems to be lots of fly’s all over considering Grandad told us there was not many. There was lots of post waiting for mummy and daddy and one of them was a very important letter for mummy telling her she has to go for and interview at Durham university, I’m not sure what that means but it sounds good to me!

I didn’t get too long to play with my toys before it was back into the bath, milk, bed routine, more playing tomorrow daddy is still off work so i’m sure we will have some fun.

Welcome home!

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It’s all going on! Granny and Grandad came back off their holiday today so everyone is back together, oh except Gus, still no sign of him. Grandad warned me not to use germalean instead of tooth paste, a life lesson if every I heard one!

Early exit

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Well after a bit of a walk around near the beach and a last look at the trains we packed up the car and decided to leave this evening rather than face tomorrows weather forecast and another day of me moaning. However even the best plans can come unstuck! I was not to happy at having bed time substituted by being put in the case for a 3 and a half hour trip and decided to moan until mummy got in the back with me then moan till she fed me all she could find and then finally I went to sleep after about 2 hours. Oh well Granny and Grandad will be back from their holiday tomorrow and we will already be there ready for them!

Beach day!

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Today we went back to the beach with the trains, it was very good I had a really good time playing in the sand and walking down to the wet sand, I even had a little walk in the sea too. I decided I liked the sea and that it would be good to throw myself in it like I did in the pool the other day. There was lots of trains, planes and helicopters around to see and a man with a big kite.

Mummy and daddy though they were in for a quiet night but I had other ideas, not been very well tonight hope it doesn’t last long


That sand gets everywhere!

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Well first daddy had no plans for today and then he had 2 days worth of plans!  So off we went in the car again this time we went to Brixham. Mummy and daddy had a good look round the shops, yawn!  I had a good look at the boats but can’t say that I managed to spot Igglepiggle.

I wasn’t to happy when it was time to go but decided I might as well give in and go to sleep, or at least rest my eyes – did they really think they could sneek in a pub and get lunch without my company?!?!

After lunch I got to go to the beach again. It wasn’t so hot today that kept getting hassled with cream and keeping my hat on, thank goodness. There was too much going on for stuff like that. The tide was way out so there were lots of good puddles for stomping in, we found lots of shells and a rock with some fossils in, but best of all Thomas’ friends were there again. I haven’t seen The number 1 engine himself yet but I know sooner or later he’ll be there because when I watch his show he’s always taking children to the beach… maybe tomorrow…

Rainy day

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It rained most of last night and this morning so as we didnt have much more to do on wet days we set off looking for a indoor play centre. Daddy had over heard some people talking about one in newton abbot so we headed there. After finding some dodgy looking place we decided to look for another one which turned out to be a good plan as it was loads better than any one we have ever been to before. We stayed for ages, they had lots to do, they had slides and things to climb on and a big ball pool, it was hard work!

When we had enough we went back into Newton Abbot town to have dinner in the same pub as last week but when we got there it was all closed up, it was ok though case we found another just around the corner which was just as nice but they had a high chair for little me.

After dinner we had a walk arround and then a drive round Torquay and i still haddnt fallen asleep so we went for a walk at Goodrington to buy some icecream, it was very nice, so good that i didnt have a sleep at all today!