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Busy bank holiday

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Granny and Grandad brought me my new car seat for daddy’s car this weekend. We’ve had a busy weekend going to Durham, Teesside Park, the pub and and all over. My Grandad is the best, he bought me a new James for my train set that actually moves all by himself! As well as Annie and Clarabel to go with the lights and sounds Thomas that daddy got for me – what a lucky boy I am (although I did quite have my eye on the Porsche in the shop too Grandad). This morning we all went for a walk on the beach before they had to leave – it was VERY windy, I needed anchoring down!

Unlucky for some

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or shoudl I say mum? Tooth number 13 has finally broke its way through today – only 7 more to go mummy says…
My Granny and Grandad and Gusdog are coming tomorrow and I’ve prepared for their visit by not sleeping at all in the day for the last two days – I’ve been keeping up my stamina by eating nonstop though.

Nursery morning

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This morning mummy took me back to nursery and left me for the whole morning by myself. I’m not sure I was as impressed as last time overall. There were lots more kids there today, we played in the garden when I first got there, and I enjoyed my fruit at snack time but had a few tears from time to time. After lunch (mince and dumplings, which I didn’t eat and strawberries and icecream, which I did eat!) all the other kids had a lie down and went to sleep. I had a lie down for a few minutes then sat up to see what else was going on – far too early to be napping, daft kids! Anyway the lady took me to the baby room to play for a while and I saw mummy’s car arriving through their window. I had a few more tears at mummy just so she thought I’d missed her and let her make me a sandwich when we got home, and I’m currently trying my hardest to still not go to sleep even though mummy has promised me she won’t be lonely…

Busy morning

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Mummy wanted to have a early morning drive to Durham to see how busy the roads are gong to be and to have a look at the carparks on a week day. It was a bit boring but mummy seemed happy with her exploration and as I moaned so much on the way back we stopped off at a place called Hardwick Hall country park. We have not been before but it was very nice and mummy said we will go again at the weekend with granny, grandad and gus dog. They had a nice lake with lots of ducks and a briliant little play ground.

After a little play at home we went to the wacki warehouse for a play and some lunch. I was not very impressed at having to wait for mine so i eat my packed lunch instead and when my dinner came I didnt want it! Good job it was free.

Big weekend for a big boy

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What a weekend of change it has been!

It all started on Friday with a trip to my new posh nursery followed by daddy’s new phone arriving.

Then on Saturday we had a wicked day out and I was aloud to play in all the water like the big kids, then we went and got my some big boys bedding.

Finally today daddy and I went to his gym to have a swim in the pool then a play in the soft play area, it was fab and he says we are going to go every Sunday morning so mummy can have a lie in. Later on we went and got some new fish, we got a white and orange fan tail and 3 minnows, one of them hasn’t got a tail!

Few what a weekend, mummy says I’m not her little baby any more cause I’m a big boy!

Super splash funday!

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We have had such a fun day today, its been great! We went to Alnwick gardens but this time mummy was prepared with my wellies and not 1 not 2 but 3 sets of clothing! We stopped off and got some food for a picnic and we set about eating it as soon as we got there. I was a really good boy and didn’t run off at all even though it was really busy. Once we had finished eating I went to wash my hands in the water fall at the bottom of the grand cascade. When they were nice and clean I got ready for some real splash action and put my wellies on. I had a good run around and got them full to the top with water, oh it was such fun! Daddy decided I looked like I was really cold so we had better have a dry set of clothes and a clean nappy. Next we went up the big hill to the water at the top, there was lots of streams to walk in and puddles to splash around in. When I had splashed enough for 1 day we all walked back down to cafe to have a nice cake (and another set of clothes).

Mummy decided we should pop to Ikea on the way home to buy me some big boys bedding, its very nice. I cant wait to try it out!

Oh we also got this….

…I’m not really sure what its for but it seems to have many uses!

I’m a big boy now

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Today I went for my first session at nursery all by myself! I was all excited with my new Thomas slippers on and way too busy to realise mummy and daddy had gone, although mummy told me they did try to say byebye. They had lots of good cars and a big tractor a bit like the one Grandad got me but when I got a bit bored of them I did have a little cry because I’d been left. I soon got over it though when it when it was snack time and tucked into some banana. After snacks we had a play in the garden. I went on the slide, in the sand pit and played on the rocking horse. Just as the other kids went in for their lunch I looked up and mummy and daddy were back!

Mummy said next week I can go and stay for the whole morning. I think I’m going to quite like it there…

Troublesome teeth

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Today we had another drive through to Durham so that mummy can get used to driving through to there. We got on a bus from the car park into the city centre which dropped us outside Yates so it would have been rude not to go in for some brunch. Only problem was my teeth started hurting me good job there was a boots just over the road to buy some cooling bonjela.

My Dad is great!

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Wow look what turned up today! Daddy got it from a place called Ebay, some little boys life time collection of trains and track and its all mine now!

Its the biggest and best box of wooden train bits ever, although there isnt a Thomas there is lots of other trains and mummy has become a self proclaimed “track goddess”.  Its that good I havent played with any other toys since it arrived.

BIG day out

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Today Jessica, Matthew, Grandad, Daddy and Me all got a train and went to York. When we got there we had lunch in something called Mc Donnald’s and then went to the national rail museum. It was fantastic! The whole place was full it trains and carriages and everything to do with the railways. We had a really good look around, we had such a good time it wasn’t until on the way home that I realised I had been away from mummy for most of the day.