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China town

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Mummy has a list of schools she will have to visit over the next few weeks so we had a drive to Durham so mummy would know where all the schools are. Best news is she will be teaching in one near home called Manor comprehensive  most of the time which is much better than having to drive about all over every day. I had a good sleep whist they looked around at these schools but I woke up as we were on the way to dinner. Daddy had decided he wanted some real Chinese food so we went to China town in Newcastle I had brought a sandwich just in case I didn’t like what they ordered but turns out most of it was nice. They had dumplings, noodles, rice roles, spring roles and best of all prawn crackers! Chinese people eat with something called chop sticks so as we had gone all they way to china town I though it best to join in and dipped mine in the sweet and sour sauce, yum!

img00121-20090926-1248I’m not so good at posing for pictures but I’m even worse at sitting still in my push chair, it was soooo busy around they shops mummy said it was best for me to stay in the push chair and only let me out to walk they very last bit, but there was a man playing the bongos he was very interesting and although I didn’t have a dance I stood and watched for a good few minuets.

com’ on com’ do the locomotion with me!

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Today Daddy and I set off early to go to a place called Locomotion in Shildon, I have never heard of it before but daddy said in the past it was the industrial centre of the world, I’m not sure what he meant but they had good trains there and that’s all I care. It was a long walk from the car park along a old railway line to the engine sheds but it was worth it when we got there cause they had a brilliant Thomas shop. They had a train named after Granny, look!

Later on we went to see Nanna, its the first time I have seen her in weeks. There was lots of people in and out to see her whilst we were there but grandad had a ready supply of chocolate buttons and biscuits to keep me out of trouble!

My brain box Mum

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My Mum started at Durham University today! Daddy and I are so proud of her although I do miss her during the days. It wont be long before she is off teaching in schools but for the first few weeks she is at Durham each day. Nursery is quite good though now I’m getting used to it although mummy and daddy are not so happy they have stopped writing in my book and now I just get a sheet of paper each day to tell them what I have been up to during the day.

Busy day!

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Today is mummy’s last day as a civilian before she becomes a student again. I decided to let daddy have a little bit of a lie in till 7 but then it was none stop action from the moment mummy got up. First we went to the shops down the town, then we had a last dry run to Durham as mummy had forgot the way. I fell asleep on the way so mummy did some parking practice before daddy drove us all back home. He drove that slow that I woke up so we decided to get a cheese burger for lunch, I didn’t much fancy mine so mummy had to make me a a sandwich whilst daddy went to see Nanna. I’m still not aloud to go and see her as they don’t know what the infection in her leg is.

Once daddy came back we went to the beach for a walk but I fell over in the sea and got all wet, I got mummy wet too but daddy was a chicken and ran away! It was ok though cause mummy got us all ice creams, I even got my own one and I eat every last little bit!

All clear

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Daddy took mummy’s car to the garage this morning for them to check it over after its recent spate of issues. “Better to be safe than sorry” mummy said. The man from garage said it was ok and couldn’t really find anything wrong with it, which is good.

Today was a daddy day but we didn’t really get much done as I went to sleep on the way back from the garage and slept till it was almost time to go and pick up mummy from her last day at school.

oh what a week cont…

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well this morning when I woke up I was still a bit snotty and quite hot. Mummy gave me some calpol and sent me off to nursery cos I was fine in myself but I didnt feel very well at nursery. I didn’t want any breakfast and had a couple of naps and just got hotter and hotter. They gave me some medicine but daddy had to come and get me when I didn’t get any better. Poor daddy has had to go back to work now mummy is home from school and I’m busy spreading snot all over mummy – she didn’t want to wear those clothes tomorrow anyway.

Oh what a week

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First of all on Sunday daddy noticed mummy’s car had a petrol leak on the way to take me swimming. While he was trying to fix it we found out nana was poorly and had to go to hospital. Daddy thought he’d fixed the car but when he went to see nana in hospital it started leaking again. Grandad had to come and take mummy and me to nursery and school on Monday. I was a bit of a naughty boy at nursery and bit a little girl in the tunnel) Luckily daddy was off work on Tuesday so we took mummy to school and set about lots of jobs, the garage said mummy’s car might take all week to fix 🙁

I only spent a few hours at nursery on Wednesday because daddy stayed at home until dinnertime, but I still came home with a snotty nose.  At least we got mummy’s car back this afternoon although mummy says her bank balance isn’t that happy

Nice quiet day

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Not really done too much to speak of today but it was with my mum and dad so it was great! We went shopping to big tesco then I fell asleep so mmmy and daddy got some fish and chips on the way home plonked me in bed and really enjoyed them!

After my dinner we went for a walk in Ward Jackson park and after my tea daddy and me played in the back garden.

What else would you do on a rainy day?

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Today was our last day during the week as a family before we all split and go our different ways, well not really just during the days. From Monday Mummy will be training to be a teacher and I will be going to Nursery 3 and a half days a week and daddy will be looking after me the other days during the week. So we decided to have a nice family day out, as it was raining and really windy we were stuck for ideas so we went to the Metro Centre (what else did you expect?)

I had a good sleep on the way there ready for all the excitement of looking in stupid shops! Least we had some nice dinner in the new Fankie and Bennys. We sat upstairs on the balcony and I really liked being able to see all the people walking around below us, even if the fire alarm did go off! We did buy much but they seemed to have a good time, bless them.

Hi ho hi ho

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it’s off to nursery we go…. Not so much singing as crying when mummy tried to leave me this morning, but I soon got on with it. We had curry for lunch and chocolate marble cake for pudding – yummy! I thought I might as well join the others and actually sleep today. The ladies told mummy they thought I liked playing outside but it was too cold for them so they brought the slide indoors for me! Getting them wrapped round finger just like mummy and daddy! I even waved bye bye today so it wasn’t too bad. Oh and mummy said her school was nice too but I don’t think they have a slide.