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Pumpkin soup

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Oh dear I’m not very well again, I woke mummy and daddy up at about 1am cause I was very hot, I had some calpol but decided I wanted to go down stairs for a bit and have a read of the Lego catalogue. I let mummy have a lay in till 7am though, when we came down mummy taught me to say “daddy’s car” he was very impressed when we went and woke him up, but i’m not sure if it was because of me saying daddys car or because we have made him a nice breakfast!

We went to see nanna and grandad this morning and auntie Angela was there too, I have some good toys there I like playing with the talking teddy bear. I looked tired and daddy drove round and round and I finally went off to sleep but it didn’t last long at all. I wanted to watch the racing cars but mummy insisted I had to go to sleep, daddy told me the highlights of what happened though when I got back up. Not really felt much like eating today, we had a trip to Tesco to get some shopping and the winning lotto ticket.

There was lots of people in the street dressed up and ghouls and ghosts looking for sweets, daddy went upstairs and got my pumpkin suit to ware, I could still fit in it so I kept it on till bath time. I look like a convincing pumpkin don’t you think?

ps do you like my new fish?

Get out of jail free card

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Mummy finished her work nice and early today and came to get me just before the other kids were going to have tea. We went to the park and fed the ducks, played on the ramps, the slide and the swings then fed the ducks some more. I’ve had a great afternoon (only spoiled slightly by a goose getting a bit close and trying to steal the bread out of my hand – he made me cry a little bit but mummy rescued me).
My appetite is well and truly back and mummy said she’d never seen me eat anything as fast as the pasta she made us for tea! Well I needed lots of energy for my secret mission…

Back to the grindstone

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After all the fun of the weekend I had to go to nursery today so mummy could get some work done for university – I’m glad nursery don’t send me home with homework! There’s been lots of developments at nursery since I was last there. There was a pumpkin with a scary face waiting at the door for me and some flying witches on a stick. Inside there were lots of sparkly decorations that mummy told me were for halloween. I’m invited to a party on Friday to celebrate but it’s daddy’s day off and I’d rather stay at home with him and wait for mummy to get home. Aunty Helen might be coming to visit us too, I hope she brings Ryan!

Anyway also going on at nursery today the kids in the room down from me got to go out in a massive sleigh type wheelbarrow thing for a walk this afternoon! Mummy saw them coming back and they told her it was brand new and that I would get to go out in it soon too! I must remember to take a warm coat tomorrow in case it’s my turn!

My first web confrence

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Whilst daddy and Grandad were out today they picked up a thing called a web cam, Granny said it was so that Beryl next door could speak to her son in New Zealand but I have a feeling she got it so she can see me! Whilst we were waiting for in the night garden to finish mummy text Granny and asked her to come on the internet, a few clicks later and there was Granny and Grandad on the screen! I could even hear them, the seemed pleased to see me even though I had only just left them earlier today. Mummy said they can baby sit me all the time now!

Busy being spoiled

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Well I’ve had a lovely weekend being spoiled by Granny and Grandad and Nanny. I’ve had lots of presents and heard rumours of many more for Christmas! I had to put up with a little bit of shopping but mostly I’ve just eaten, lazed around on my favourite rug, eaten some more and sat in my big boy chair – what more could a little man ask for?

Looooooooong trip

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Oh what a day, there I was quite happy in the garden at nursery when daddy shows up at 2.30 to pick me up. Next we went to pick mummy up at Durham then we set off for Granny and Grandads. Oh what a trip, we didn’t get there till 8.30. Daddy was very tired and almost as grumpy as me but at least we are here now, let the fun begin!

propper sick of being sick

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oh dear what a day, Daddy had the day of work but still dumped me at nursery, saying something about getting his moneys worth. Its ok though cause he has gone Christmas shopping with Grandad to the Metro centre. I’m still a bit funny about them taking my shoes off me they don’t seem to realise they are mine and I want them! Not really felt like eating much again today, done lots of coughing today, I was just getting settled in bed and I coughed so much I made myself sick just as daddy was getting there to help me. Poor poorly me and mummy and daddy. I hope we are all better for Saturday when we go to see Granny and Grandad!

Oh no now daddy is ill too!

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Oh dear will we ever get put right? Daddy is ill now!! We went shopping and he didn’t feel well but I think he just wanted to go outside to talk to his friend. When we got home he looked a bit green, so mummy and I went for a walk to leave him to do what he had to do! He said he felt better after he was sick but I think it was Jenson Button winning the world championship that really cheered him up! We had a good play whist watching the race.

Its good playing peekaboo under a blanket!

Stuck in with poorly mummy

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Oh dear mummy was too ill to go out today, maybe we have all got swine flu (not sure what that is but it makes you go oink). I’m starting to find my voice much more these days, still not quite getting the words right but the sounds are getting there. As mummy was not well daddy took me swimming this morning rather than on Sunday, it was quite busy and people kept nicking the things I had been playing with before I got chance to get back round to play with them again, such liberty’s! I gave up after a while and demanded we got out as I was sure the soft play are would be quieter than the pool, I was right, daddy and I had a good time in there.

So after we went home we had to look after mummy for the rest of the day, we had a little walk to the shop to buy mummy some biscuits and daddy got me a in the night garden magazine!

cough cough

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Mummy and me have not been very well for the last few days, both of us are full of cold, daddy has been keeping right away from us both as he doesn’t want to be ill too!

Mummy and daddy both look really tired, they should try going to bed at 7 like me! then they would be ready to get up at 5am!