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Today is the first day of my 2 day birthday. Mummy said it was my birthday day today because she is at work tomorrow but because I was born on the day after the 28th daddy says my birthday is tomorrow so I get 2 days for my birthday! After opening all my great presents we went in Grandad’s new car to a place called Pickering to go on a steam train. When we got there the train was a old fashion diesel train, I was a bit scared of it at first but the train driver gave me a wave and showed me his mug of tea and his biscuit that cheered me up. The train took us to a place called Goathland, it usualy goes further but the track was being repaired so we had to stop there. We went up the hill and it started to rain so we went into the first pub we saw. It was called the aidensfield arms and apparently it was on the TV lots in a tv program calle heartbeat. After dinner we ran back down the big hill in the rain to catch the train back, we thought it was a steam train but that was not due to leave for another hour so we had to rush over the bridge to the other side of the tracks to catch our train. On the way back the windows kept steaming up so we drew pictures on them it was very funny. We were all very tired on the drive home and everyone in the back went to sleep . When we got back it was time for my birthday cake. It looked like a caterpillar, as it was my birthday mummy said I could have the best bit, the face! mmmm it was nice and chocolaty but I decided to keep some for tomorrow.

I had a very nice day thank you all for my presents and my lovely day out

Yey Granny and Grandad are here!

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Woo what a day today was, Daddy got a new car then had to take it back because it wasn’t really his and the garage had only leant it to his whilst they fixed his, not long after we got the new car Granny and Grandad got here!

Daddys on holiday

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Daddy is on holiday for 5 days from today, he had to work some long hours this week to get the days off but he says it was worth it to be with his special little boy for his Birthday.

Oh what a big boy

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I’ve been trying out the big boys room at nursery today. They trains and cars so I was pretty happy. I wasn’t too pleased when mummy made me leave the Thomas behind though. I’ve even tried out an open cup for my drinks and got to eat my tea in the canteen. Mummy’s not sure she’s so keen on me growing up, but she’s quite pleased that nursery gets cheaper when I’m two. Only a week to go!

Good luck Granny and Grandad

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Not long now until my birthday! Mummy says Granny and Grandad are coming next weekend especially for me. I hope they meant it when they said they would look after me while mummy and daddy go to work because mummy has booked my holidays at nursery now! I’ll try my best to behave, I save my best strops for mummy!


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oops sorry there has been no updates lately but mummy and daddy have been very tired cause I have been keeping them up at night for the last week or so. They thought I was scared of the dark because I kept saying dark and not wanting to go into rooms if the light wasn’t on but I was still not happy with a night light on. My teeth have been playing me up again and I had a little bit of a cold too, but I was just not myself at all last week. Yesterday and today I have been feeling better still got a snotty nose but not to shabby, today I had a good lunch before daddy took me to Aunty Angela’s house. Shame I didn’t think much to what daddy had left in the slow cooker for our tea!