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Next sale Granny – did you go?

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Mummy took me and we got a Hungry caterpillar t-shirt, some trousers and a George Pig bag I picked myself! They had quite a bit for a little sale but nothing we really liked. Then I conned mummy out of some milky bars in Asda cos the last of my christmas chocolate and sweeties have all gone now. Good job it’s easter soon!

still poorly…

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Oh dear. Daddy was left in charge of me last night while mummy was at parents’ evening. Luckily they came up to bed early because I was lying in a pool of sick. Horrible as it might have been I wasn’t too happy at a late night bath to wash it out my hair. I was feeling a bit better this morning and had my appetite back. All was well until lunchtime when I was sick again 🙁 Daddy had to take Nanna out so I sat with Aunty Angela feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully I’ll be better for nursery tomorrow cos it seems daddy does still have a job to go to!

Sorry there has not been many updates

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Mummy and Daddy have been really busy recently, well Mummy has and Daddy is just lazy! But now Daddy is on his new shifts he should have more time to update my website for me, I cant manage it on my own cause I’m only 2 you see. Today is the 3rd Daddy day in a row and he says he is off tomorrow as well I think I like his new shifts, it does mean I have to go to nursery 3 days in a row though, but that’s ok I will get to see my new friend Beya (Isabel). Not too sure I’m happy that I wont get to see Aunty Angela on a Wednesday any more but Daddy tells me I will still get to see her when he goes to the Gym (not very often then!)

Yey! Mummys laptop is working again

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Tonight we finally got Mummy’s sound on her laptop to work again. Its about time as for the last 3 weeks my web cam session on a Sunday night has been nothing short of a disaster! You would think they could have sorted it out before now but least we are working again, its just as well cause I’m not sure in my current state if illness I could have been bothered. As it is I spend most of the time collapsed on Mummy’s leg. It was good to see Granny, Grandad and Gus dog and be able to hear them again, it wont be long before we are going to see them.

In the wars

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Oh dear I’m not having a very good weekend so far. Mummy took me to Mr Twisters after school on Friday and I managed to hurt my knee and came home with a limp. We hoped it would be gone after a good night’s sleep but it’s still there a bit today. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I started feeling poorly after my nap today and ended up throwing up all over mummy and me. I felt better after a clean down and a sit and cuddle so went out for a walk. We saw lots of boats, a monkey and LOADS of puddles! When we got back though I started feeling poorly again and just wanted mummy cuddles, no tea! Mummy and daddy made me have some medicine and sent me off to bed, hopefully to feel better in the morning.

Daddy’s day off

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On a Wednesday I usually go to Aunty Angela’s house for a few hours but they have gone on holiday this week to Euro Disney! (Daddy says we are going there for my 1st birthday when im 4) Daddy has taken the day off to look after me. We took Grandad to Middlesbrough to buy some new t-shirts for his holiday, I don’t much like shopping but at least it was a trip out, the park would have been better though!

Happy Mummy’s day!

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Today is Mummy’s Day that means I have to be extra good and nice to Mummy. Daddy made me draw in a card for Mummy and when Mummy got up from her lie in she opened our cards and was very happy with my drawing. We made Mummy nice breakfast and an even nicer dinner. We went to see Nanna and took her a card from Daddy, she was very pleased to see us. Grandad has decided to go on holiday so Daddy was busy looking at flights and things for him. Later on Daddy made Mummy a lovely Sunday dinner and I ate loads of it! Daddy didn’t know I like mashed potatoes. Still having no luck with the sound on Mummy’s laptop so we had to use the phone to speak to Granny and Grandad again. Maybe they will get it fixed for next weekend!

Early Mummys day

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Today Daddy took us to the pub near the hospital to have a early Mummy’s day meal. It has just been decorated but it has changed from a 2 for 1 pub to a rubbish pub! Daddy said he doesn’t think we will be going back in a hurry! I had fun though.


Daddy’s arm is famous!

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Daddy is very happy that we are on google street view! Remember months ago we left Aunty Angela’s house and saw the google street view car drive past us? What do you mean no I told you all about it, anyway the pictures have finally been put on line! Daddy isn’t as happy as he could have been as they have blurred him out of the picture that had his thumbs up to the camera but you can still see his arm through the window of mummy’s car! If you look at our house daddy was hoovering on the day they came past our house

My first wedding

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I think I like weddings! You get posh new clothes to ware, lots of food to eat and there is loads of kids to run around with too! Some people got married too but I don’t really know what that means but they looked very nice all dressed up and Chris for out of a very posh car. Do you think I looked smart?