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Busy Weekend

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Wow where to start!! Mummy finished her teaching on Friday so we have 4 days to have fun, no working at all!! Saturday we did some boring shopping so that was out of the way. Sunday we all went swimming at the gym because it was a open day and mummy was aloud into the gym, it was very busy though and I had a bit of a moan when we had to get out. Next we went to the shops at teesside park and I got yet another new car! Mummy and daddy went to Pizza hut then to see Robin Hood at the pictures and I went to Matthew and Jessica’s to play. Daddy went out to the mucky pub last night so Mummy and I let him have a lie in as long as he took us somewhere good for the day. Once daddy got up mummy decided to give me a hair cut (booo hiss!) Once i was looking tidy we started the day at the park feeding the ducks and the little ducklings. Next we went to see Nanna and Grandad’s then we went to Saltburn in mummys new car for fish and chips, they were very nice! There was lots to see and do there, there was a little train, people flying round on giant kites and the tide was right out so the beach was massive!!

Caught red handed!

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Enjoying the sunshine

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Phew it’s hot, but I still wanted my socks and trainers on! Mummy sent me to nursery in my new sandals yesterday and they have rubbed my feet sore – ouch. We tried to get some crocs in Tesco but they the 8-9 were way too big and they didn’t have any 6-7 even though mummy said they would be too small anyway. I quite liked the look of some flip flops like mummy’s but I wasn’t allowed them 🙁 Oh well I found other ways to stay cool, like getting soaked playing water table and eating 20000 Buzz icepops… Oh and don’t be fooled by the hat, it only stayed on 2 minutes cos I had both my hands full!


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Mummy and daddy have let my website slip again. Lets have a quick catch up since our last post. Well the main news is that mummy has got a new car! It’s a shiny dark Blue Corsa. Daddy said it will save us money cause its more economical and isn’t going to fall to bits but so far its cost all my toy car money cause he has been buying bits for it! Mummy seems to like it even if she does have to turn her own lights and wipers on.

Not long to our holidays now 1 month, 1 week and 1 day left now. Daddy has taken we swimming a few times and he is very happy that I can almost swim on my own (well with my arm bands and sometimes a noodle). Hopefully by the time we go on holiday I will be able to do 10 lengths, well maybe just floating will be a good start. Mummy is very impressed with my counting skills, I can count to 10 and know what most numbers look like rather than just being able to spell them. On the down side day time naps are mostly out of the window unless we go out for a drive in the car and I have got very opinionated about what I do and don’t want to do, like going in the bath, getting out the bath what I want for my tea, in fact just about anything. I do like telling people off for things though, mummy says I’m a right little bossy boots!