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My big boys room

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Well I thought it was time I showed you all around my new big boys room. Last Saturday we went and got some Thomas stickers and Mummy made some of her own for the side of my wardrobe, anyway see what you think….

play doh

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This morning I wanted to play with my play doh, mummy helped me make models of our little family then we made blankets for each of us. From left to right we have mummy me (with a sad face) and daddy, what do you think??

Later on we went to have lunch with Nanna as it was her birthday yesterday. Daddy was at work so he missed out on fish and chips on the sea front!!

Issue resolved…

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… back to normal

Walk in the park

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we decided to get rid of the last of last week stale bread by feeding the ducks and having a play in the park, daddy took us to the posh park so we didn’t get attacked by the geese!!

Oh dear!!

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I’m told (and the camera still doesn’t lie) that I am still having issued with my behaviour in bed!! This was about the 3rd time I had fell out good job mummy put some cushions down to break my fall


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Not done much to write about today had a good play whilst daddy slept off his afternoon out with his friends from work, did a bit of shopping had a nap and went to see nanna and grandad. Mummy made strawberry and white chocolate muffins but they said that as they were horrible I wouldn’t want to have one, my mummy and daddy look after me!!

Big Boy bed

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Mummy and Daddy changed my cot into a big boys bed today cause I’m a big boy now. We moved all the furniture round so my bed is under the window now and best of all we went and spent some of my pocket money on Thomas stickers for the walls and my bed. I like my big boy bed so much but mummy and daddy arenot sure if I will fall out or not.

I’m told that this was what the found when they came to bed and I suppose the camera doesn’t lie, its a good job that daddy didn’t take a picture of me on the floor at 3.30!! Best news is daddy fixed the washing machine cause he is a mechanical genius (well so he said looking all smug as he was putting it back together) suppose it means he can spend all his money on me rather than a new one which cant be bad!

Missing: brown bin

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Well its been a busy few days since we got home. Wednesday mummy packed me off to nursery and managed to sort another couple of agencies to register with next week. Since I’ve been home she’s had me polishing and window cleaning and gardening was threatened today since the sun has made a reappearance. Thankfully after we filled it once and put it out for the binmen, someone has stolen our brown bin! We’ve been for a walk up the street but it’s nowhere to be seen and mummy is starting to get a bit cranky now so I’m off for a nap. Daddy has been busy at work today updating my pictures for this year… well it is only July. Have a look at my picture pages and see how I’ve grown!
PS our missing brown bin is identifiable by a big ’62’ painted on it!

broken pictures

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Oh dear my website is not very well, we have almost fixed the missing pictures just 2 of them are lost now, daddy is waiting for mummy to get off the sofa so he can look under there!

1 day left

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Today was my last full day at Granny and Grandad’s house so we thought we would make the most of it now daddy and uncle Mike have stopped messing with Mummy’s car, so after a lazy morning we drove all the way to the park near the canal. We parked up and set off walking towards town, it was very nice, we walked along the side of the canal until we got to the shops. Daddy made us have a drink in Costa coffee cause he was missing his posh coffee from work. After coffee we had a walk round the shops and I had a chat to Thomas whilst Mummy was in a boring shop. On the way back to the car we found a great playground, I think daddy liked it more than me though!

After lunch and a big sleep Granny came home from work early and we all went out for some tea, that was very nice too! The best part of the day by far though was the frog we found in Granny’s tomatoes when got home, ribbit, ribbit!