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On holiday

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Hi everyone, we are on holiday at the moment will tell you all about our adventures when we get back, daddy has taken lots and lots of pictures and we have lots to tell you about including our ride in 2 break down trucks!!

Snap happy

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Mummy’s been going a bit camera crazy since she rediscovered daddy’s big camera. Here’s a few of our favourites

Day 8, in the big potty house

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Pah, potties are so last week! The last couple of days have seen me earning new cars and Peppa Pig dvds aplenty. I can now quite happily take myself off the toilet with no need for anyone’s help. Only problem is that leaves mummy free to take embarassing pictures grrr!

Nursery day

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and I only got carried away playing once! And Lorraine gave me a blue whale sticker for being such a clever boy, they were all very impressed with me. Shame mummy and the cookie monster weren’t so impressed with my not-so-little mishap at home! Well she will feed me weetabix and massive bowls of fruit! at least the conjestion from earlier in the week seems to have passed!

Bye bye pirates

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What a busy day we’ve had today. First off was a trip to Asda, it seems noone much has bothered with all the Tall Ships traffic and there were loads of fruit and veg bargains to be had. We saw lots of shipmates stocking up for their next voyages too!
Next daddy treated us to Toby Carvery – I had turkey, beef, roast potatoes, new potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, cabbage and ice-cream! Nice clean plate for me! Just one little incident when I decided i needed the potty and silly mummy thought she could get away with taking me to the toilet. At least she came to senses in time to get me to the comfort of the carpark for some alfresco potty action before I had an accident.
Next we went to Mothercare to get me a holiday potty that will fit in my bag, hopefully to avoid such incidents while we’re out and about in Brighton.
After all that food I needed a nap and slept right through daddy’s car getting washed.
Had I been awake I would have warned Mummy and Daddy that the black clouds approaching weren’t going anywhere, but being silly like they are we left our car at Nana and Grandad’s and headed down to the beach to see the pirate ships going. I’ve never seen so many people at our seaside. Luckily they took my pushchair (mainly as somewhere to put my potty, cos big boys don’t get pushed) but boy was I pleased to get in it when the monsoon came! Mummy said even her knickers were wet, she could have used my potty if she’d asked – silly mummy!

Day 3 in the Big Boy Potty house

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William is on the potty! It seems to have become my favourite place to sit. I’ve lost count of how many wees I done today, but I do know they were ALL in my potty – woohoo, go me! I wasn’t phased by a trip to nanna and grandads and surprised everyone by asking for my potty in the middle of playing with Jessica. By the end of the day I wasn’t even bothered by mummy’s bribes any more. These number twos are proving a bit more effort but who knows maybe I’ll try tomorrow or maybe I’ll just make mummy lots of washing seeing as she’s abandonning me with Aunty Angela in favour of a car boot sale.

Such a big man

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After a bit of a false start last week (ie mummy and daddy couldn’t be bothered), mummy decided today was the day for big boy pants and I decided I really wanted those sweeties and new cars. We waited a long while for anything to happen but then there was no stopping me (or rather my requests for stories while I sat on my throne). Apart from making use of a pullup on a trip to Tesco I’ve hit the potty every time and I even tried out sitting on the toilet after my bath tonight.

Mummy said we needed to go to Tecso to stock up because there are millions of people and ships coming to town this weekend. We saw one pirate ship on the sea on our way home as well as a few mad people parked on Seaton front in the £10 a go car park!) Hopefully its not too busy because mummy has finally talked daddy into doing their car boot on Sunday – it was meant to be for spending money for a our trip to Brighton, my trip to Banbury and Mummy and daddy’s trip to London, but it looks like the washing machine has broken again so we really need to sell lots… eeek


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This afternoon we went to see nanna and grandad and Jessica was there too, she said they would be going to the carnival later on and daddy thought it would be a good idea for us to go too. So I had a little nap and then some tea to prepare me for my evenings entertainment.

When we got over the headland there was a big fair ground with lots of noisy rides and flashing lights, I wasn’t too sure at first but we found Aunty Angela, uncle Fred, Jessica and Matthew and they seemed to be having fun so I decided it must be ok. I went on a train ride with Jessica and Matthew it was very good, smiles all round! After the train ride there was no stopping me and I wanted to go on all the rides including the big wheel but I settled for hooking a duck and I went on the bumper cars with daddy, people kept crashing into us but I quite liked it!