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It’s a rainy, sunny day

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I was very excited at seeing this rainbow, but got a bit sad when it went. I don’t really know where it’s gone and I don’t believe mum who gave me the old ‘it’s gone to bed cos it’s late’ line…

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring

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When daddy finally stopped snoring and got up, he took us off to a new playground today. It was too rainy for parks and we’re not too impressed with Mr Twisters so we took a trip to ‘My Fun House’. It was very nice and new and not noisy! It took me a while to get into it (at least that’s the excuse daddy used for playing on the climbing stuff with me) but when I did there was no stopping me! I took a lot of convincing about the giant slide, but my cautious approach of lying down and sticky trousers kept me right!

Birthday walk in the park

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Well ok it wasn’t my birthday it was daddy friend Paul’s birthday. We went for a walk in the woods and then tried to feed the ducks but there was lots of men building something called a pontoon in the river. Once the bread was all gone we went back up the hill and met Paul, Kerry, Tyler and little baby Willow at the swings. Tyler was a bit tired so I just played on my own on the swings for ages whilst mummy and daddy talked and pushed me on the swing!!

To sweet dreams and beyond!

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Good night everyone!

Looking after mummy

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Well I seem to have got over my cold just as mummy and daddy have got one, no idea who they caught that off (oops). Daddy has to go to work because he is very busy fixing things and making lots of money so he told me this morning I had to look after mummy. I thought the best way to start the day was by going to the park on my trike. The Ducks were very enthusiastic today, most of them didn’t even wait for the bread to be thrown they just took it out of my hands!! After playing on the swings for ages (I can climb the ladder on the climbing frame now!) I went and asked the horse “how do you feel horse” he didn’t say much back.

Could you peal me a grape please?

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Am I spoilt or what??

Little walk down the marina

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Due to economising we are no longer aloud to take part in our favourite pass time shopping so this morning we went shopping!! After shopping we went to the marina and had a wander round the boats, one of they had just been lifted out of the water but I was more interested in the boats leaving through the lock gates.

In my tent

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Today I have mostly been in my tent! I’m still full of cold but went for a good long nap this afternoon (so did mummy and daddy) maybe just as well since I got daddy out of bed at 6.30 this morning even though he had been awake most of the night tending to my coughing! Daddy thought it would be a good idea to go to granddads and put some roofing felt on granddads shed roof in the rain, it wasn’t!! He gave up 2/3rds through the job saying his hands hurt but I think its just cause he was like a drowned rat!


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Today we decided to show daddy how good I am on my motorbike as he hasn’t really seen me on it for ages. We had a little walk round the block, well they did I was on my wheels!!

3-2-1- weeeeeeeeeeee!

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This morning we went to buy me some new wellies and as it had been raining we decided it would be rude not to test them out by splashing in puddles!!

Mummy and daddy had brought my trike so I could show daddy my peddling skills, what do you think??

and yes that is a hill but im only 2 and a half!