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More makes

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Today we have mostly been making a mess! Oh, and some chocolate cakes, yummy!

Busy bees

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Sorry there haven’t been many updates lately, I’ve been too busy enjoying myself. Mummy has finally got herself a new job so I will be going back to nursery every Thursday after Christmas. We’ve had a little trip back to sort it out but frankly I’m not that bothered cos I’ve got myself another little social life sorted now. Mummy and I go to playgroup on Wednesday and Thursday and I get to show off my singing and dancing skills. I’ve also been making lots of good stuff to bring home, here’s just a few samples. We’ve been busy making things at home too, but it’s a secret!

First trip to the cimena

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What a rainy day, but never mind because today we went on my first trip to the pictures. We went to see Shrek and I quite liked it, despite it starting about 20 minutes late and daddy getting us there 20 minutes early. It was very busy so a good job we were early to get good seats. We saw my little baby pal, James, who was also on his first trip to the cinema with his mummy. James is going to be 3 soon too – imagine that! I told daddy I’d quite like to see Thomas next time.