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More snow!

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and a friend for Frosty!

Frosty the snowman

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Woohoo today we have lots of snow to wake up to! Daddy is off work so we all got to build a snowman in the garden. Daddy was upset that the snow wasn’t sticky enough to roll big balls but mummy persevered with building a pile and eventually daddy joined in with his spade! I stuck his arms on and managed to nearly knock his head off giving him a smile so i wasn’t allowed to touch any more, humph! We warmed up by polishing off yesterday’s christmas cookies then had to take a trip out to buy a carrot nose (and other boring stuff mummy and daddy said we needed to eat).
I’m off for a nap now before Isabel’s birthday party, it’s still snowing!!!

I named my snowman Frosty.

Fun in the snow

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Well Father Christmas still hasn’t shown up, and neither really has the snow, but I’ve had good fun anyway. Yesterday I insisted on getting dressed before breakfast and playing out in the garden. We fed the very hungry ducks after playgroup and I had a good run round in the snowy field.
Today mummy asked if I wanted to go shopping or to Mr Twisters but I just wanted to stay at home and play with my toys. I helped mummy tidy up then we made a mess again. Granny sent me a great present today, she must have known we’d be at home. After lunch we made some yummy biscuits and I had a play in the snow/sludge while they cooled down. I needed 2 to warm me up again. Thanks Granny x

Father Christmas is on his way!!

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Mummy says he isn’t but I’ve read the books and seen the films, it’s snowing outside so he MUST be on his way! Straight to sleep tonight for me!

Scaredy cat cure needed

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We went to mummy’s new school today to sort out her paperwork finally. I promised to be a good boy but had a bit of a melt down because I thought she was taking me to the toilet and I’m petrified of hand dryers. I’d just about calmed down when a floor cleaner came along eeek! Does anyone know a cure for scaredy cats because all I want to do is go home!
Although I did have fun at playgroup. I made a beeline for the policeman’s outfit again and the shop till but had another hissy fit because I wasn’t allowed to bring it home to my house. Oh dear, the day seems to have been filled with tears and tantrums again, I hope Father Christmas wasn’t watching today. I’m a good boy really – honest!
PS mummy says she’s having trouble finding a policeman’s outfit so if any one sees one can they pass it on to Father Christmas. The one I like is from Early learning but it’s obviously been updated to a yellow jacket that isn’t as good. I’d like a hard helmet not a floppy thing, preferably with a neenaw sound when you press the badge. There’s a picture a bit further down for help.

soft play day

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This morning we went to the new soft play place in middlesbrough. It was quite busy today and I think they had been polishing the slides cause they were very very fast, I only went down once cause I almost broke my neck! I did like the cosy cars again though.

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I’m famous!

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Here is my first public appearance in the papers. I wonder how many more there will be? Not many for mummy I don’t think with that drumstick up her nose!

A blustery day

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It’s a very windy day today, but at least the rain has gone away so I took Mummy to the park this morning. We had to hide behind the railings from the nasty geese and all the ducks were starving, it was a massive melee! The wind had blown all the leaves up against the wall so high they came up to Mummy’s knees. I had a good go at walking through them but the wind kept blowing me down so I gave up and went to play at the playground instead.

Ello ello ello

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What have you been up to? I’ve been checking up on everyone at playgroup making sure they’re behaving today