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Look what my Dad bought for me

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Daddy decided we needed some F1 cars for our Scalextrics collection and found a bargain on ebay! Lots of new style track including a bridge and 2 cross over corners and some crash barriers. We set up all the new track on its own to make sure it was all there and it worked well it would have been rude to not have a little race too 🙂

Up the top at Mr. Twisters

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We went to Mr. Twisters today so I could show daddy how good I am at bouncing and climbing right up to the top of the soft play. He was very impressed but I wonder how they would make it up to the top to rescue me if I got stuck :s

Dinner out with Granddad and everyone

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We all took Granddad out for lunch today, he is still very upset about nanna so we thought it would be nice for us all to go out for some dinner. Unfortunately the place we decided to go to wasn’t very good, we waited ages for our dinner and when it did come it wasn’t very nice. Whilst waiting for it I managed to bump my lip on the table and didn’t really fancy my pasta as it hurt my lip when I eat it 🙁 I eat it up though like a good boy.

Still not very well

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I am still coughing and full of snot, I keep waking up early and havent had much good sleep the last week or so. This morning mummy and daddy have been doing boring things like moving furniture round and cleaning, when they came to see what I was up to they caught me catching 40 winks.

Bit of a cold

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Not been very well the last few days I have a cold, lots of snot and a cough, mummy has got it too now. Daddy and granddad have spent most of the last 2 days at the hospital with nanna but she was very unwell and sadly she passed away this evening. everyone is very upset but at least she isn’t in pain any more. Love you nanna x

Funny old day

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Lots happening today daddy had to take nanna to the hospital this morning then we had some lunch and a play on the climbing frame and slide outside the pub. After lunch we did some bouncing before going to see Granddad as its his birthday today! After we gave Granddad his presents daddy took us home and nanna back to the hospital, she wasn’t very well and had to stay in, late at night she had to be transferred to north tees hospital because she wasn’t very well at all.

Rednose day

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I am happy honest just I have a rash on my face and I broke my rednose a little and its really hard to make it stay on long enough to take a picture!

On yer bike

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Today we had a walk around Hardwick park, we have been there quite a lot lately but its nice and flat for me to practice riding my bike. All we have to watch out for is the killer attack swans!

At the fun house with Martin and daddy

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Daddy’s friend Martin has come back from Glasgow for a few days so we decided to take him out for some fun, it was supposed to be me having the fun but I think daddy and Martin had the most fun 🙂

Busy day

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Today we had lots to do, after playing robots and doing the washing we went to pick up daddies friend Stephen so they could talk about grown up stuff, I decided that if they were going to be boring they might as well do it at the train museum! I rode my bike all they way there walked round and looked at all the trains and rode all the way back, as you can see I was tired after all that fun 🙂