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Royal wedding preview

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Sneak preview of Prince William and the wedding cake!

Impromptu trip to Blackpool

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Well apparently Mummy doesn’t like Blackpool but Daddy said it is good and there was promise of trams, like Toby, and an aquarium so I was hopeful…
and it didn’t disappoint me. After we got through the road block and finally got checked in to our castle, we set off for the bus cos the trams weren’t working. It didn’t take Daddy long to get bored of waiting so we set off again in the car – lucky we did when some kind man gave us his car park ticket and it had money off the SeaLife. I wasn’t allowed to go until the next day though but I did get to go on the penny machines and on a ride around the top of them all! We had icecreams and headed back a picnic at the hotel and a nap before the kids entertainment started. I tried my best to impress the ladies but I got the impression they were more laughing at me than with me…
Anyway the next day we were waiting at the door for the aquarium to open, but it was worth it because they had GIANT SPIDER CRABS!! (their my second favourite) then we went on a tram, had LOTS of pizza and pasta, got in free to look at the rollercoasters, met SpongeBob and had a train ride, leaving just enough time for one last icecream before heading off back home. Few what a busy 2 days 🙂

Happy Easter!

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Wow, Easter is nearly as good as Christmas! I woke up to a trail of little eggs and rabbits upstairs, had presents downstairs and after we’d been to see a couple of houses in Darlington and had lunch in the pub with Grandad and everyone, I had another egg hunt in my garden. Poor mummy is poorly today. We had to take her to the doctor in Darlington and she said Mummy has tonsilitis and has to eat lots of chocolate to make her better (at least that’s what Mummy tole us she said)

Adventure Valley

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The sea fog was back again today so we headed inland for some fun in the sun, to Adventure Valley. We weren’t sure what to expect but one of daddy’s friends had been before with his little boy and said it was good. There were quite a lot of animals but I wasn’t that interested in them, apart from the naughty llama who made me jump, a soft play that was a bit big and hot for me but lots of things I did like. Daddy took me on the gocarts and I took myself on the bouncy castle. As well as a bouncy castle there were some strange bouncy giant pillow things we’ve never seen before, and some good climbing frames. We saw Rudolph in his summer retreat and fed some goats with a toy train. We had a nice picnic and finished it off with an ice cream, of course!

Busy day trying out new playgroups

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Well if ever there was a reason not to trust a word Mummy says, today was it. First we set off early to go back to the playgroup from last week. We picked up Rueben and his mummy on the way and the mummies started talking about going somewhere else. No sooner had we arrived than they were turning round the car heading off in the opposite direction. There was a promise of wriggle and jiggle dancing so we didn’t complain too much. But… when we got there there was no dancing to be had just lots of climbing stuff and footballs and stuff. It was quite good fun though but I missed the dancing.
While we were there there was talk of another group in the afternoon with painting and messy stuff so I ate my lunch up quick and we set back out again. But… guess what, there was no painting!!! There was some baby chicks though but mummy must think I’m crazy if she thought I was going to believe her when she said they wouldn’t bite me, I wasn’t about to hold one, no way Jose!

is spring sprung?

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Another sunny day and I talked mummy into a trip to the park after a boring morning of lawn cutting, washing, clearing up and hoovering. There’s still no baby ducks and the mummy and daddy ducks were obviously overfed and disinterested today so we took our bread home for another day.

Is it summer?

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Wow what a lovely day! Mummy insisted I got out my jamas and we went out somewhere, so I chose a trip to town on the bus! I was very excited to go on a bus although Mummy assures me I’ve been on plenty before. My enthusiasm was only dampened a little when it wasn’t a double decker, oh well. Seeing as it was such a lovely day Mummy took my to Primani to get some summer shorts but we couldn’t agree on any we both liked. Turns out it was for the best because last years collection still fits my skinny bum and they actually look like shorts not short trousers on me this year! We spent the afternoon mostly moaning about something or other in the garden – well it’s hardly surprising I’m grumpy with the mad haircut they’ve given me is it???

Giant track

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During the week daddy got me some F1 cars and lots more track for my scalextric collection, mummy says he got it for himself but I dont mind cause he lets me play. Unfortunately I had a little accident on Friday with one of them and mummy decided it was maybe best to leave them till I was a bit older, but Look at the giant track daddy made for me!

Picnics are no good in the rain

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I’m starting to think that mummy and daddy don’t like getting up early. When mummy did get up she shaved off most of my hair and daddy helped her! They say it looks better but its all stuck up now.

This afternoon we sat in the car (cause there had just been a heavy shower) and eat our little Greggs picnic we had bought in town, once our tummies were full we worked some of it off by having a little walk on the beach. I like finding stones on the beach and throwing them in the sea, its my new game. I wasn’t very happy that the sea was trying to get my feet wet though.

I’m now officially more famous than daddy!

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Yesterday the local library closed down, so mummy and me went along with a few others from play group to wish them goodbye. I spent most of the time running round and eating all the old ladies biscuits, but they didn’t seem to mind, after all its not like they will need them again next week! A man with a camera from the local paper came and took our picture, that’s twice I’ve been in the paper so that makes my officially more famous than daddy cause he has only ever been in the paper once and he has lived here 34 years!

Can you see my little friend Ruben next to me? He looks much more upset than I do