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I’m not poorly any more!

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At least I think I’ve convinced mummy that I don’t need any more medicine. Although I have noticed a weird taste in my drinks ever since she gave trying to make me take medicine.

We’re all going on a summer holiday!

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Woohooo I’m almost as excited as daddy! It’s looking like a busy summer, we’ve got a weekend in Hull for baby Ben’s christening and trip to the Deep aquarium, a weekend in the lakes with a trip to the wildlife park, a weekend in London going to the zoo, zoo, zoo (and aquarium) and now a week in Corfu!!!!
Not like daddy to bag a bargain but mummy just looked again and it’s gone up £500 from what we paid!

Best shopping trip in the world, ever!

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When mummy said she had a surprise for me I never thought it would be this good! I was actually speechless for the first time ever for the whole of 2 seconds when I saw Kwazzi’s Gup-B (made all the better because I’ve decided this week I am Kwazzi, not Peso any more). When I saw the Gup-A I was beside myself with what to pick up. They also had a Gup-D and an actual Octopod that looked even better than the one mummy made for me. Mummy convinced me not to get that though because she said I couldn’t push an Octopod around. I was very excited paying the man and told him all about the White tipped reef shark and red angler fish that came with them. I held on to my great big boxes all the way home and studied the back so I knew exactly what to do.
Mummy said I was a very lucky boy and there won’t be any more Gups or Octopods until a special time like Christmas but I told her Santa doesn’t have Octopods, just the toy shop! – honestly I think she’s going a bit crazy, we’d only just been there and seen them!

Strawberry fields forever…

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… well at least the next 3 weeks. Seems despite our best efforts we have still managed to miss the first 3 weeks of the strawberry picking season, not to worry we made up for it today with a little tasting and a lot of picking. Despite mummy and daddy’s best efforts to keep me entertained I have been a really grumpy monkey today, hopefully I can stay asleep longer tomorrow and not be such a stress head. Night everyone x

Busy day

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We seem to have been everywhere today but not done very much. We started off by going to preston park to see daddy’s friend June but she went to the wrong park so we dashed over to Sedgfield to the park there. Next we went out for lunch with Simon and Isobel then spent ages waiting round to pick the man up who was buying daddy’s old car off him. His train was late but we got to go to the new toy shop which wasn’t that good after all the hype. Eventually I got bored and just went to sleep next thing I know we were at Grandads so I went and played whilst daddy talked cars, the man must of liked it cause he gave daddy lots of paper and drove it away, I think daddy was a bit sad to see his old car go but I think the man will look after it for him.


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Mummy took me swimming again today and we had a great time until it came to getting out and there was not just one but two floor cleaners right by our locker. The nasty men could see I was petrified and crying but they just carried on anyway so that’s it Mummy’s never getting me to the pool again 🙁
All that trauma then made me have a poorly tummy tonight… obviously it was nothing to do with all the chocolate sprinkle cakes we’d made and eaten in the morning. I was sure another one might help fix it but Mummy disagreed – what a meany!

New park

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We’ve decided that Ward Jackson is our park of choice for now, after the playground at ours has got more and more broken, not to mention the incident with the geese and the bloody knee that I will not be forgetting any time soon. So Mummy took me along this morning and said if I was good I could have an ice cream. So I was a very good boy and played for ages with the other kids at the play ground. Something went a bit wrong with the machine and I ended up with the biggest ice cream you’ve ever seen! The only thing wrong with Ward Jackson Park is the ducks are totally not interested in our bread.

Smarties and swimming

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Quite a busy day today, mummy promised we could make some cakes today after she picked me up too early for tea at nursery yesterday and I spotted I was missing out on chocolate rice crispy cakes. I chose to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ice and smarties. Mummy said ice might melt so we had icing instead. I took my job of licking out the bowl quite seriously and as chief smartie putter onner, can you guess which ones were mine?

I was only allowed one for lunch because we went swimming afterwards and we didn’t want to sink. The silly people at the pool made us get out the warm kids pool because there weren’t enough life guards but that didn’t stop me learning to swim on my back in the big cold pool. All that splashing worked up a big appetite for more chocolate cakes though.

Explore, rescue, protect!

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Octonauts! bum.

New tyres

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Daddy’s car is just like a racing car, this morning we took it to get some new tyres on, just like on the F1. The man wasn’t quite as fast as the red bull pit crew but daddy said hi was lots cheaper! After that we had a quick trip to Preston park to play on the swings, there was a digger and a big tractor cutting the grass and as im a big chicken these days I didn’t like them and wanted to hide. The side was still good though!