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Back from holidays

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Well I’m back, but I’ve been far too busy checking up on all my toys to update the website. Daddy has gone off camping and mummy and been lost under a pile of washing for most of the day so I guess you’ll have to watch this space for holiday updates.

Three more sleeps!

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Daddy breaks up tonight so really the holidays start officially then!
I’ve had a very busy day today – this morning we had to get ready for lots of pick ups and drop offs, the most exciting by far was my new big boy bed!!!
I wanted to spend all day upstairs playing on it and putting things in my secret drawers but mummy made me come down to play with Reuben. I had a good time really but I’m quite excited to go back up to bed now.

Daddy’s taking us to the zoo tomorrow…

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Well actually he took us already. We had a great day and saw lots of different animals. The rhinos had a fight and so did the monkeys, even the lions had a bit of a grumble! We watched the tigers being fed and I was almost brave enough to feed a penguin myself, but I chickened out right at the last minute when I saw just how smelly their fish dinner was. Obviously to remind me of my trip I chose to buy a snake, despite daddy’s best efforts to talk me into a tiger and mummy wanting a giraffe. I’ve eventually settled on calling him Sidney because mummy says I can’t call everyone Jack and last week’s baby shark is called Jack – well Jack is my best friend! It’s starting get very cramped in my bed at night.