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Disneyland Paris day 2…

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MORNING!! Ok so breakfast quick then off to the park before they let the normal people in! They have these handy yellow buses that save you having to walk from the hotel to the park which is nice but they do get full. More rides today lots of them and even more shops but they are good shops cause they all sell toys and cool Disney things. In the afternoon we went to the Disney studio and went on the back lot tour which was a bit scary cause of all the fire and water that I wasn’t expecting, they tried to cheer me up by taking me to see the stunt show but that was scary too cause there was lots of shooting and the cars were very loud. Later on we went back to the hotel for a little rest before going to Cafe Micky to meet all the characters!

Disneyland Paris

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Well today was finally the day we set off to Paris, well somewhere near there anyway. We got up really early and got in a taxi to the train station, there was lots of people there going to work but we all managed to find seats. Once we got to London we got in a black cab and went to St. Pancreas to wait for our Euro star train. Lots more people off to work but there was lots and lots of people going to Disneyland! Eventually after lots of waiting around it was time to get on the train. It was the biggest train I have ever seen, it took us about 10 minuets to walk to our carriage and it wasn’t even the furthest away! I really liked the Euro star, it was very fast and we go to go in lots of tunnels, one of them we were in for half an hour, I cant believe mummy and daddy thought I would go to sleep… no way!

Eventually after what seemed like hours and hours we got to Disneyland, dumped out bags and went to meet Micky and meet him we did. We even got Grandad to go on some rides and had a well earned Dinner in the Rainforest cafe. When we made it to our hotel Micky mouse was waiting for me in my bed! Cant wait for more of the same tomorrow!