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oh erm… HI were back!!!

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Oh hi, sorry we have been back a few days now. Had a great couple of weeks away. First we had a drive through the lakes to Chester where we stayed for a couple of days (we arrived in the biggest thunder storm I have seen in all of my 4 years) it was raining like mad! It cleared up the next day ready for us to go to the zoo. Next we went to Granny and Grandads house, one day we went to the aquarium in Birmingham and the next day Helen, Ryan and Ben came to stay and we all went to Legoland (it was great!) A few days later we went to London for 3 days and stayed right next to the Olympic park. Whilst we were in London we did all sorts (lots of pictures so we must have had a good time) Next back to Granny and Grandads for a few more days before coming home…. see no wonder we didn’t have time to write any blog!

Closed due to holiday

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erm sorry were on holiday and not had the computer out till today, maybe we will do some updates later!

Messing about in the garden

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After a boring morning getting mummy’s tax disc and waiting for workmen we went to Reuben’s this afternoon and had a good play in his paddling pool. Daddy cut the grass after tea, while I practiced for the Olympics 2026.

Look what Mummy has been up to

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while I’ve been on a sleepover with Jessica and Mathew. I’ve still got to put my Lightening posters up when we get some frames, but how cool is my room now?