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new tooth

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I have another tooth that I have been keeping a secret! Mummy just found it today as its just started to show. Its the one next to the one i already have on the bottom in the middle. This morning the boys went for a walk along the sea front there was lots of people putting out things for a road race that was taking place later on.

Broken laptop :o(

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What’s new this week. Today I am 7 months old! (well in weeks I am) Bouncing seems to be my new thing this week, I like bouncing before breakfast, after breakfast, well any time of the day really! I helped mummy in the garden today well it was mostly supervising from my swing! Mummys laptop is not very well the power lead is loose ant it keeps stopping charging.

Jingle bells

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Mummy and I went shopping down the town today and we got some Christmas presents, well its only 3 months till Christmas you know!


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Lots of visitors today Ailsa came to pick up her stock of dummies from mummy then later on Lisa came to see us, she said i still look just like my daddy. Maybe Ill grow out of it?

Dummies are back in town!

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Finally we found some dumies!! We decided to go to the metro center and Ikea but on the way daddy thought we should call tommee tippee world and see if they dad any and they did so we went and got loads for me and James.


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More looking at fires today really boring day in and out of the car all day.

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This morning we went to Preston park and had a good long walk then fed the ducks and swans with all out left over bread. Later on we went to look at new fires but we didnt really see any amazing ones.

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What’s new this week. This week i have finally been getting up on all fours when im on the floor, might I finally be getting the hang of crawling? Daddy tried to take a video of me doing it but I was camera shy! I went to get weighed today mummy and daddy thought i would have put on more but I was only 17lb 5oz. Mummy was happy cause my new nappies came she says we have enough now to go without having to use disposable ones ever again! Still no dummys, booooo!

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Daddys first day off for ages so we went to teesside park then Yarm for some lunch. No where at teesside park had any dummys. Daddy called the damp man and he said he would come on Saturday morning, he had better!


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Today mummy and I walked to tesco and when we got there it had all changed! All the new bit was open but it still looked like a bomb site. Tesco havent got any of my dummys either.