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Oh how busy have we been

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Sorry there have been no updates since last week. Mummy and daddy have been really busy working and running round after me. Daddy said he will write some updates later on if I am a good boy and go for a nap.

Party season!

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It’s less than a month until Christmas now! I don’t really know what that means but mummy seems to think I should be getting excited so I hope it’s good. Only 2 more weeks until mummy is on holiday and I get to stay home with her so thats good anyway. Plus I’m going to stay with my granny and grandad soon for the weekend while mummy and daddy go to do shopping and stuff on their own. haha how silly are they? I will have a much better time at granny and grandad’s house. After my weekend away I have a Christmas party at nursery, even though it’s not my day to go in I am invited to the party and apparently there will be music and dancing, games, party food and a special guest appearance by Father Christmas! I wasn’t too keen on him last year, I hope he’s had a shave by now…

PJ’s day!

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Today was a bit strange but lots of fun. Mummy and I both had another nice lie in again and daddy had to come and wake us both up. When mummy was getting me dressed she put some more pyjamas and my dressing gown on me! I was not too happy as I thought she was trying to put me back to bed but then daddy carried me out to the car and took me to nursery. When we got there all of the lady’s that look after me were in their pyjamas too! Daddy said that he had collected lots of money off people at work and all of my family and that nursery would give it to children in need, I tried to tell him I was in need but he assures me that im not.


Back to nursery

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This morning I had a nice long lie in and had to be woken up or I would have been late for my first day at nursery in ages! I was very happy to be back and gave daddy a wave off from the window as he left for work.

Oh no now daddy is ill too.

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Oh dear I think daddy had caught my germs. He has been laying on the sofa shivering since we got back from Nanna and Grandads, oops. Good job mummy is home to look after us. The only problem being she is going to get her tooth fixed! I hope the dentist doesn’t hurt her.

early to bed early to rise…..

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…. I wish it would make me healthy, wealthy and wise!

Oh dear me I kept mummy and daddy awake most of last night as i was very restless and wanted to get up at 2am. Mummy wasn’t very happy when it was her turn to get up with me (at 5am) as it was daddy’s turn to have a lie in.

When daddy got up at 9 mummy was so tired mummy went back to bed! Later on daddy took me with him whilst he got the car washed the men did a good job but I wasn’t too happy when they opened my door to clean inside the doors! It was so thrilling that I fell asleep on the way home from the car wash.

Mummy and daddy are trying to get me well again so we stayed in all day we didn’t even go shopping! We did have a good afternoon of playing even if I did do lots of moaning.


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Oh no what a day, will I ever be well again? Spent the day coughing, sneezing, being sick and moaning and if that wasn’t bad enough when mummy had finally had enough of me and put me in the bath i was covered from head to toe in spots I even have them on my bum! We have put some of the magic cream that I had when I was a baby and used to get spots to see if its the same thing, if they don’t go i might have to see the doctor again!

the princess and the pea was thriling

in there!

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thats the new word of the day! I’m not very well AGAIN! daddy is not very happy having to pay all this money just for me to keep getting ill, as soon as I start getting well I’m ill again! Yesterday I coughed so much I was sick all over and daddy had to clean me up, oh what a day. On top of that we spent most of the day messing about with mummy’s car taking it to the garage and it looks like they have cause more harm than good!

Daddy is very impressed with my vocabulary. So far I can say, yeah, in there, car (my favourite word) oh, who dat, mama and dadda. Not too many words but not bad and growing all the time!

Look what we got up to this morning!

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Stage dive!

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Me and daddy keep getting to nursery early, he likes it when I jump in the ball pool!