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Christmas is over

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Well daddy is back at work so my first Christmas is officially over today but it’s still been all go. This morning I had to sleep in my pushchair while mummy went round Tescos, then after lunch (mini pizza’s mmmm thanks Granny) Grandad came to get us and we went to see Nana who’s back in that nasty hospital. It was tea time by the time we got home then bath and I was whacked so straight to bed for me, mummy said she hoped I slept through all the noise tonight but I don’t think she needs to worry I’m sooooo tired

Back home

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Well it seems like Christmas is coming to an end, Granny went off to work this morning then mummy and daddy starting packing up our stuff for us to go home. I had a great time at Granny and Grandad’s house, there’s always lots of mischief to get into there and it was even better with all my new presents!

It took AAAAAAAAAAAAAGES to get home and I got a bit grumpy but when we got home I got to play with all my toys from all 3 Christmasses! I could barely move between them! Mummy says our house looks like a branch of Toys R Us now, I think it’s brilliant!

Southern ducks

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After abandonning me yesterday I got promised a trip to see the ducks in Stratford. They took a lot more getting to than my ducks in the park back home but I went with the flow and had a nap in the car. Far from seeing ducks I then got trailled round more shops (still nanny did buy me a wicked new Thomas hat and I got a couple of tops from Next). I got all settled in my highchair in the pub when a lady came and told us babies weren’t allowed where we were – how rude! To make matters worse I had to wait ages for everyone to get their food and eat it up before we finally got to go and see the ducks. Daddy says he will take me back in the summer because this time they were digging up the park and we only got to stand on the edge and see the ducks.


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I got abandonned today while mummy and daddy went to Northampton. Mummy finally got a new laptop that I’m not allowed to pull the keys off, then they went to see a film and apparently then off for a drink. I was a good boy for Granny all afternoon but decided I didn’t want to go to bed until mummy got home, hee hee hee


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Mummy and Granny got all excited today and rushed me through my morning routine so they could go shopping…. Oh well I got all kitted out for the next year or so from the Next Sale. Looks like they got some good stuff, I’ll still be the trendy kid on the block in 2009

Boxing Day

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Was just like Christmas Day only at Granny’s house! I got even more presents when I woke up (for the 2nd time) and I got to play with all my big ones from last night. Granny and Grandad got me a big car that I can sit on and lean on to practice my walking and it has shapes that mummy can make disappear into the seat! The only problem is Granny’s new rug is a bit restrictive on whizzing boys!

We even got to have Christmas dinner all over again and I ate even more sprouts than yesterday!

Wow what a busy 3 Christmasses in 1 day!

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I think I like it though!!

Well on Christmas Day I woke up about 6am, normally no-one is too happy to see me at this time but Daddy was straight in to get me out my cot and wish me Merry Christmas! Santa had been to mummy and daddy’s room while I was asleep and we all had a stocking full of presents (mine was the biggest!) Mummy and Daddy tried to get me to rip the paper off but I know paper ripping isn’t allowed and they weren’t going to get me on the naughty list this early on Christmas day!!!

Here’s me with my stocking presents:


After stockings we all went downstairs to yet more presents!!! I got a little brother callled Elmo, a new train that I really like and more stuff that I can’t remember right now cos there was so much!

My new little brother

My new little brother

After breakfast and getting dressed we headed of to Nana and Grandad’s looking all smart.

We got there at just the same time as Jessica and Matthew and guess what? Santa had been there too!! I had giant bags full of presents that took mummy ages to open and after all that work I was ready for my dinner. I think I ate more than anyone else it was yummy.

With a full belly I wasn’t too upset when we set off in the car on the afternoon. I was quite surprised though when I woke up and it was all dark and we were at Granny and Grandad’s house. You’ll never guess who had been there… not just Santa but my great nanny and uncle Mike who were both still there!

All ready for Christmas

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Well its the night before Christmas and everyone is home where they should be waiting for Santa to bring all the presents!

Nanna came home from hospital this afternoon and daddy has finished work for 6 whole days!


is it Christmas yet?

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NO! See ist official from

So go back to sleep boy!

From daddy although im sure mummy thinks the same

How to build towers…

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