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Shopping for a car

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Today we headed north towards the Metro centre but not really for shopping. We went looking at cars for mummy. It didn’t take too long to find one she liked but we still had to go look at another one just to make sure she had picked the right one. We went to the Metro to have some dinner and I had a walk around but threw a strop when i got tired and mummy and daddy wouldn’t let me crawl along the red mall towards Debenhams!

We went back so they could have a proper look at the car and talk money to the man, but they took far to long for my liking and I decided to have a good moan and another kick off, this new car had better be worth it!


Mountaineering and just about better now

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Well we’re just about all well again today. Daddy has gone back to work and I have just about managed a normal day of food (with a little slip up of being sick at lunch). I haven’t quite been able to manage a full bottle at night time yet and mummy says thats why I’ve started waking up at 5am instead of  6. Little does she know I found out about her plans of sleeping until 7am when the clocks change next week and I’m adjusting now so we can stick at 6am!!!

I’ve got plenty of energy now I’m feeling better and have been pestering mummy to take me walking round the house all day. After our walk I siezed my opportunity while mummy was taking her coat off and climbed the stairs all by myself (Well, with a bit of help from James). I was very pleased with myself and had a good old look around when I got there. Mummy had to carry me down though, I’m not quite ready to go backwards just yet.

After my little adventure mummy decided if I was in an adventurous mood I could have my birthday present from nanny out. I went through my tunnel lots of times, it’s been a very tiring day. Nite nite everyone.


Closed due to the Black Death

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sorry no updates we have all been ill with the black death. I had it on Friday, Mummy had it on Saturday and Daddy had it on Sunday. Non of us are recovered yet although I seem to have it the worst and Mummy and Daddy are on the mend. So we haven’t really been up to much over the last few days.

Sick boy

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Oh dear, Daddy got up nice and quiet so as not to wake me up and I stayed asleep till almost 7 but when mummy came to get me I had been sick in my bed and all over myself. Daddy stripped me off and mummy stripped the bed because everything stunk of sick. Daddy popped me in the bath before he left for work but i still smet of sick. Before Lunch I had 2 really stinky nappys and I was sick again after my dinner. Mummy wanted to do some more gardening but I just wanted to moan all day again like i have done for the last few days.

Mummy and daddy are worried that I have not been well latelly and keep saying they are going to take me to the docrots, I hope they dont cause its boring there!

Shame I have been ill because today was googlepilar day!


walk in the park

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Today we set off good and early to buy some really good presents for Mummy because its Mothers day on Sunday. Mummy thought she had a driving lesson at 10 so we hung on for that but she realised it was not till 4! So we set of  for Stuarts park to feed the goats, llama and all the other animals. We gave lots of carrots to the deers then got bored of them and moved onto the Llama which daddy was scared of in case it spat at him, ha ha ha next we went to see the goats and they started fighting over the carrots so whilst the 2 big ones fought it out we tried to feed all the shy little ones. Next we fed the chickens and peacocks with bread as the ducks in the park are quite frankly boring!

As we had never been to the really big pond in the far corner we decided to have a walk over to it and fee the “swans” that live on that pond. BIG mistake they were not swans they were gready geese and we got chased!!

Later on we went to see Nanna and Grandad but daddy abandoned me and mummy to go help Grandad buy a new car! He is getting a much smaller car cause his is too big for him to manage.

Happy Birthday nanny

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Today is my great nanny’s 80th birthday – wow! When I’m that old it will be the year 2088 and it will only be my 20th real birthday! To celebrate we sent her a nice photo of our little family and we went to our own little party at Mr Twisters. I had a great time crawling round everywhere and mummy helped me bounce on a big boucy castle, I thought that was great fun! I can’t wait until I’m a bit bigger and can climb on everything too, although mummy says I got in for cheap because I can’t walk yet!


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James and I have been playing in the garden this afternoon while mummy pottered about doing whoknowswhat. We stuck to the patio to start with cos James was too chicken to go on the green stuff. It was good fun tasting everything that looked like vegetables and gnawing my teeth on stones. I thought mummy’s cooking was bad enough but some of that stuff was disgusting. Eventually though we got a bit cold and bored and had to venture all the way to the other end of the garden to fetch mummy, good job I did though cos just as we got in it started spitting with rain. I had a good laugh at James getting his muddy wheels washed… but didn’t think it was so funny when it was time for my hands to get the same treatment, boo!


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Wow I’m really quite excited this morning! Mummy has pulled a big box of toys I’d forgotten I had out of the magical cupboard under the stairs… I’ve got my animal train, my toolbench, my nursery rhyme book and loads of other stuff its taken me ages just to empty the box all over the floor! Off to play now, bye!


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Wow mummy and daddy have been busy! This morning we had breakfast then went to Splash, the posh swimming pool in Stockton. It’s much nicer than ours and there we lots of school children for me to watch too. I had a great time swimming and splashing everyone! Boy was I tired after that… after a long sleep I found out mummy and daddy had been booking us holidays! We’re going to Alnwick for mummy’s birthday in April (I don’t think she’s having a party like I did), then we’re going for 2 whole weeks to Devon at the end of June! I’ve never been on holiday for 2 weeks before but I’m very excited cos mummy said there will be a swimming pool and beaches and we’re going to see the REAL Thomas and to the zoo and lots of other good stuff and fingers crossed maybe even the sun will shine!!! Not sure whats gone on whilst I was asleep but Daddy has done something to the windows cause I can actually see out of them!

Wow what a day!

Mummy said it would end in tears…

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She was right 🙁

Good job daddy wasn’t home…

I blame the Pontipines for egging me on…