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My New trike!

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Mummy decided it was time for us to spend uncle Mikes birthday money and some pocket money so we set off to Toys R us!

I quite like the sand pit at nursery but we don’t really have room to put one of them in on the patio what with daddy BBQ and mummy’s plants! Next we looked at a giant slide but daddy said it was too expensive so we headed for the bikes and cars section. Mummy liked a cheap trike with a handle on the back, daddy liked the tractors with a bucket on the front and I liked the £200 battery powered Ferrari! After many laps of the isles test driving we decided upon a not so cheap trike! We waited ages for the man to bring it out, I was not so happy when a quite small white box arrived but mummy and daddy seemed happy and we all headed off home to find some tools. Mummy and I sat and helped whilst daddy took forever to build it, its a bit big for in the house so mummy took me out in the street on it, its way cool what do you think??

We went for a test drive along the sea front but I wanted to run and be free! Gives mummy and daddy something to push whilst running after me though!


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I’ve been practicing for my holidays! Mummy has been shopping for her holidays with her birthday money. It’s only 8 and a bit weeks to go now!!!

Some photos for a change…

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of mummy and me enjoying the garden in the sunshine. Mummy says there will soon be plenty more of these days for us!

Mummy also said I need my hair cut, but I’m not so keen on that idea

Zoo lady

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Mummy found out my secret today by dropping me off later at nursery, she got to know that Wednesday is Zoo lady day! Last week was spiders and today was millipede madness… although I wasn’t much in the mood today and didn’t want to touch the cockroach! eeeek!

While I was sleeping…

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Mummy and Daddy have booked our holiday! I’m going on an airplane!!! When we get there I will splashing in the pool on the left every day and daddy says he is going in the other one cos it has bubbles!

It says there are a few steps to the beach down a hill but I reckon I’ll be able to manage with my big boy legs! I’m off to check my wardrobe for summer clothes now!

Happy easter!

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I can’t say happy but I can say Easter! And I can say catapillar so that’s pretty impressive for a little man! Also pretty impressive is my chocolate stash – I’ve got 3 easter eggs, a chocolate bunny and a stash of goodies from granny and grandad and gus dog! Wow it’s a good job I like chocolate!