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Still not very well

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Im still full of cold with a cough and runny nose but to make things worse i have another tooth coming through which is really making me feel sorry fro myself. Mummy was sick of me yesterday by the time i went to bed. I slept all night though, well until 6 then we let daddy have a sleep in. Later today im going to Ellies 1st birthday party round at uncle Drew’s house so im having a long sleep to get ready for the party!

Feeling better

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Well mummy and me are finally feeling a bit better today, and typically daddy is back at work – rubbish! Well at least it’s a good job he’s not here because his anniversary present arrived this morning and it’s MASSIVE!!! Mummy is going to have fun trying to hide that… She said she might get me to help becasue she’s just found the new tooth I’ve been hiding – it’s not quite through yet but definitely there

Poorly ick

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Poorly boy

Poorly boy

I’m not a well boy today. In fact I haven’t got out my pjs all day and pretty much all I’ve done is sleep, eat and have cuddles. Mummy keeps trying to wipe my nose but I can’t stand it, wish she’d leave me alone…

A day of two halves

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This morning i finally let mummy and daddy have a lie in till after 7 the were very happy. I had a good play in my ball pool after we got out of bed, it was lot of fun have a look!

Later on we went out to the shops because we needed some food before daddy goes back to work tomorrow, I had a good sleep whilst we were out. After dinner i had a bit of a runny nose, i have never had one of those before but I’m not sure its very good. Next we went to see a man called a dentist, he had a look at daddy’s teeth then mine then mummy’s, he seemed to like mine although he didn’t want to get too close! When we got back i had a good play and then a snooze and woke up with a runny eye to go with my runny nose I am definitely starting to get a cold. Mummy thinks she is in for a rough night especially as Daddy is going to look after Nanna for the night.

Daddy day

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Today I’ve had a really nice day with my daddy. I was a good boy and went back to sleep after waking at 5 until 8 o’clock! Mummy hadn’t slept very well so she stayed in bed while me and daddy got up. Daddy got me my bottle and a yummy breakfast, we had a play and then we went to Teesside Park with Grandad. Grandad got some shorts for his holidays and daddy bought me a cool new jacket. We went to get mummy and took her out for lunch and I got to wear my new jacket straight away. Daddy took us to the new Mexican – I had a jar of chilli beef and quite a few biscuits for pudding cause mummy and daddys’ dinner took aaaaaaaaaaaaages to come. Mummy only just got back in time for her driving lesson, which meant daddy had to put me down for my nap.
Breaking news – while playing tonight I managed to stand by myself for a few seconds! Mummy said she’s going to teach me to walk tomorrow when I’m a bit less sleepy… nite nite everyone xxx
Thank you daddy for a nice day xx

Clever boy

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Mummy took me to play with the other babies today and I showed them how to put shapes into the sorter – they’re all silly and still think you’re meant to eat them! I also had a go at this building towers lark, I almost got one to stay on top of the other but knocking them down is much easier.

Oh dear

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Mummy says she’s launching war against the sleep terrorist (that would be me) after I had them up at half past five AGAIN this morning. She said she was going to run me ragged so we’ve been swimming, to town and to get weighed today! I’ve only had just over an hours nap and I was allowed to bed until quarter to eight. I think mummy’s just a bit grumpy cause she’s caught daddy’s man flu now – hope I don’t get it. I am in the wars myself though after trying to jump head first off the seat after swimming and landing on my buggy, i’ve got a cut on my cheek – face not bum!
btw I now weight 22lb5

Fish face

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Over the last few days I have been practecing making fish faces, Mummy thinks its because i am getting some more teeth, Daddy just thinks its because I am silly! Either way it does look funny!

Growing up

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It’s only 6 weeks until my first birthday, mummy says she can’t beleive it. I think it’s because she still hasn’t done anything with my trust fund!! Oh well, I have got a savings account so I suppose I can’t complain too much. For anyone who doesn’t know I’m having a big party on my Birthday (well 1st March because my proper birthday only comes round once every 4 years) – if you want to come you can email me, I’m sure I’ll let you come if you promise to bring me a present 😉
Today we went to Morrisons to get all the things mummy and daddy forgot to get yesterday – doh! Then we went to see Nana who is home now and hopefully on the mend. Daddy sorted out going to stay there for a few days at the end of the month while lucky Granda goes off to Spain. Mummy says we might go to Spain in the summer depending how our finance are working out – I hope they are working good!!

More pubs and ducks

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Today we went to the pub to meet mummy’s friends Helen and Ailsa for lunch. Theirs looked nice but I had malt loaf, crumpet and a satsuma that was much nicer! Ailsa didn’t bring my mate James, he was with his childminder, but apparently he got a blanket time and a dancing Igglepiggle – wow! When I got a bit bored mummy took me to feed the ducks, there was lots of fighting and fracas as usual, those Canadians are bullies!