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Birthday number one

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Mummy and daddy came back from Birmingham today and Nanny also came to see me so we were all ready for my birthday tea. I’d been to Tesco with Granny and chosen lots of party food and Uncle Mike had helped us to make lots of party cakes and great big chocolate Smarties cake with cream in! I didn’t know that there would be presents though, I’m a very lucky boy. It was just like Christmas only I was the only one with presents! After presents and tea there was just enough time for a game of racing and I just managed to stay awake long enough for Granny to read me my new Octonauts book.

At Granny and Grandad and Gusdog and Uncle Mike’s house

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Wow you should see my new bedroom! I slept very well last night in my new bedroom and was full of beans raring to go this morning. No sooner have we arrived than mummy and daddy announced they are leaving me with Granny and Grandad tomorrow as soon as mummy’s car is fixed. I don’t mind one bit though, I have great fun running grandad ragged and being spoilt by Granny!
I’m the King of the castle!

On the road again

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On our way to Granny and Grandad’s we a stop over to see Helen and her brand new baby, Ben. He was very cute but I didn’t want to take him home!

Setting up house

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I’m feeling much better today but Mummy keeps insisting I have that yucky cream in my eyes. I’ve decided it’s time to set up my own house to keep her away. I have plenty of friends to keep me company, snacks for everyone, no uninvited visitors thank you, I’ll email you when I have a spare minute!

Lurgy boy

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Oh dear, well yesterday I woke up with a bloodshot eye and today I woke up with 2 bloodshot eyes! Mummy took me to see the doctor and he said I have conjunctivitis. Daddy has a bit of a poorly eye too today so it looks like I’ve given it to him while mummy was at school yesterday. The doctor has given me some medicine but I told mummy it’s not fair and I don’t want it. Mummy didn’t listen she just pinned me down and stuck it in my eyes. What a rubbish day to have poorly eyes, I was supposed to have playdates today and now I suppose I can’t even go to nursery tomorrow either. 🙁

Boing, boing, boing!

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Well it’s been a horrible windy day today so mummy said she would take me to Mr Twisters. We haven’t been for a long time cos I’m a bit of a wimp and don’t like going on anything high, rope-like or the slides.. ie I just sit in the ball pit. I’ve been getting fairly adventurous though going to Funky World with Reuben, I even went down the slide of doom with Mummy this week. Anyway after an initial little flurry of running around and… playing in the ball pool… I found a little friend. I don’t know what she was on about because her and her mummy were Polish or something, but we managed a bit of a game of football before she went on the bouncy castle. Mummy hadn’t managed to convince me to go on it, but I followed my girlfriend.. and I didn’t get off!! I bounced and bounced for well over an hour, had some lunch, then bounced some more! Great fun!