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Abandoned for 5 old men

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Mummy and daddy have gone to see something called take that tonight so I have come to Aunty Angela’s house to play with Matthew and Jessica then stay the night, I think I’ve had the better side of the deal.

Crusing in daddys new car

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We seem to be spending lots of time in daddy’s new car, so far he hasn’t let mummy drive it and we seem to go out for lots of drives, I don’t mind cause we mostly have the roof down 🙂

Have you seen any of these Granny?

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We’re keeping a look out but so far no good…

Test drive to Saltburn

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Daddy took us all out for a test drive of his new car today. It wasn’t particularly warm but we braved the roof down. We had a very successful day on the shove tuppenies – winning FOUR packs of sweets and TWO keyrings!!! Mummy was especially lucky to bagsy a Royal Wedding one! Well worth £3! After all that action I had the worlds most expensive icecream while mummy and daddy had a cake cos they didn’t feel hungry enough for chips… followed by chips! We caught the cliff train back up the hill and as daddy had been such a good boy I took him for a play on the playground. Do you think he looks like he had a good time?

Daddys new car

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What a long day!! Early this morning we went and picked up grandad and drove all the way to a place called Southport so daddy could look at a new car, he liked it and we bought it. After some lunch in the pub round the corner daddy put my car seat in the front of his new car and we drove all the way home with mummy and grandad following behind in mummys car. It was very windy and raining lots but despite the bad weather and lovely scenery on the M6 I just slept most of the way back. I like daddys new car, its a racing car (cause its got a spoiler) and best of all the roof comes off and goes in the boot!!

Super track day

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Have a look at this amazing track my dad built for us to play with today!! It was really good.

Racing car jelly!!

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Daddy went to Grandads to help sort out some kitchen cupboards and brought back some really good jelly moulds, what do you think to my racing car jelly??